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Connecting Work across Your Business!

Being start-ups entrepreneur can be very challenging and demanding. There is a lot of work to do and you cannot be present everywhere all the time. Connecting your work across your business can be a pretty cool idea, where you and your small team can stay in touch with each other and make most of the connectivity.

Intelligent Planning

Who can deny the importance of intelligent planning? Intelligent planning refers to using technology to automate planning and scheduling. Earlier, start-ups and entrepreneur used spreadsheets to plan their tasks. We have created a start-up solution that helps you stay ahead and plan by using the automatic tools to promptly decide the scope of the project, prioritise different tasks and activity of a project and work in collaboration to help the team focus on the right work and remain productive all the years.

Simplified Compliance

For start-ups entrepreneurs, it is important to manage their brand as well as industry standards across different departments and divisions of the business. It can be achieved only through managing the digital materials in a central location which can be accessed by everyone in the team, rather than in folders and drives. For this purpose, we offer you a web-based or cloud-based solutions where you can upload, edit, delete or update the digital contents and related materials without losing any important data.

Endless Collaboration

When it comes to start-up entrepreneurs, collaboration among the team member whether working in-house or as a freelancer becomes very important. Today’s business arena is all about networking and collaboration. You cannot just sit in one cabin office and do your work. You have to collaborate with the team to be productive. Our start-up and entrepreneur solutions are efficient and smart in creating collaboration among your employees, vendors, and clients and customers just in real time, from any part of the world.

Centralized Projects

Start-ups and entrepreneurs mostly struggle with the project management. Given that small team works on a number of projects, it is essential that every project is assigned, managed and completed professionally without compromising on the quality and healthy work environment. Centralized project management system allows start-ups entrepreneurs to work in a single platform while increasing the transparency as well as promoting the collaboration between teams as well as divisions.

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Resources to Gain a Competitive Edge!

In today’s era, the market has become very competitive and it is almost impossible for a start-up to find a place for them. Nothing can be better than system solution that serves as a resource for your start-up to gain a competitive edge.

Immediate Reporting

Reporting is a significant aspect of the business. It provides you with an insight of the business and related activities. Imagine a business without reporting! How would you know how much a company has earned or burned this year? Our reporting system allows you to get an insight of business data along with KPIs through using smart and easy to use tools.

Efficient Process

An efficient or seamless process is a must for start-ups because they cannot afford to spend time doing things manually. It does not only consume a lot of time but also unproductive. It is not wrong to say that manual process slows down the operation whereas automation increases the workflow and reduce the bottleneck to make the team of your business to be more productive.

Seamless Integration

In today’s digital era, one cannot imagine working without integration. Integration allows to automatic synchronization of the data so you do not have to switch from one window to another or toggle windows. It does not only disrupt the workflow but also reduces the productivity.

Customized Solution

Customized software solutions create a collaborative culture in the organization. For start-ups or entrepreneur, it is very important to deploy a customized solution, which can help in using personalized system software. RealMacways is specialized in maximizing the great value for clients through enhanced customization. We create software solutions through more effective programming by incorporating more enrichment. So, now you can work as you want and configure the customized software solution to meet your exact requirements. Do not need to compromise over your business operational needs.

Flexible Approach

An effective and efficient software solution is the one that provides flexibility for the users and businesses both. Being start-up entrepreneur you do not want to invest in the system software that is not flexible and rather disrupt your workflow because whenever a new system is launched, due to lack of flexibility it can affect the work or the method you use for work. The flexibility of our system allows you to use the system according to your workflow and methodologies. It is not wrong to state that our flexible system will merge with your workflow and its methodologies and contribute to improving your work gradually and consistently.