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  • Solution for Small/Medium Business Owners

    We have developed flexible solutions for your small and medium size business

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Technology has revolutionized every domain and created exciting opportunities for small and medium size businesses by expanding the possibilities and efficiency to compete in the competitive market. However, it is not possible to achieve without the right infrastructure, management tools and processes. Even if you try harder, you will end up being stuck. At RealMacways, we assist small and medium size companies to make smart decisions by using the technology. Such decisions aid in reducing the cost and growing the revenue.

PMS or CRM System

Being a small and medium size organisation, you may want to make your business process smart and efficient by automating it. For small and medium-size businesses, we have PMS and CRM that help them manage their projects and related tasks smarty. It is also effective in managing and building your relationship with your customers so that you can retain your customers and use their voices to attract more customers. Thus, you will have more productivity in less time while creating a pleasant experience for your customers.

Efficient Accounting Suite

An efficient sale is possible only if smart account, bookkeeping software is available. The need for accounting suite, however, may vary based on the size and industry of the business. Small and medium-size business does not need an extensive accounting suite to manage their books. Therefore, we have developed an online invoicing system for them that will meet their demands. Through accounting management system, you will be able to manage your billing process quicker and more proficiently. Technology has revolutionized how you used to receive the payments.

Connected Workforce

For small and medium size business owners, it is significant to retain their employees and keep them satisfied. It can only happen when employees are empowered and connected with the different business unit. We create a software system to manage your human resource in the smartest way possible. We empower your employees with the applications so that they can communicate, collaborate and work in the smartest way possible. Moreover, we provide applications that help you stay connected with your employees such as conference call with a group of team or clients.

Supply Chain Optimization

We offer supply chain optimization to reduce the time and cost on supply chain operations and attain a highly improvised business process. Supply Chain Network Optimization has become the key to running smart yet profitable business operation. We help you with network optimization software that can help you optimize your supply chain activity by creating a network of suppliers and vendors. Small and medium size business can make the most out of the network optimization of supply chain activities by improving the efficiency and reducing the cost.

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Solutions to Get Your Business on Track

For a successful small or medium size business, it is critical to improving the efficiency, agility and productivity of the business. Our small to medium business solutions are feasible and effectively designed to fulfil your basic needs, which helps you bring your business on the right track.

Automation for Speedy Process

Automation is the key to success for a small and medium size. Automation speeds up the process by reducing the manual work. We use technology to enable your business activities automatic. Activities such as HR, Accounts, Customer Relationship Management and Project Management System are a few examples of business automation.

Revitalize Your Business Process

Our small to medium size business solution aims to revitalize your business process by automation, and low manual work. It also boosts the efficiency of the business operations by reducing the errors as well as manual work. It also smoothens the As a result, your business can save millions of bucks annually.

Make Your Business Smart!

Small or medium-size businesses are always struggling to boost the efficiency of their operations while minimizing the cost and errors at the same time. What if we tell you that RM has a solution for you that will straighten out both of your concerns?

Reduce Manual Work

Performing manual work is boring and even increases the cost because more and more personnel is required to perform the manual tasks. If you are a small or medium size business owner, you may not want to waste your or your personnel’s time or energy on the manual tasks such as managing attendance, salary, customer records, or project and tasks on the spreadsheet, or even worse on the papers. Manual tasking can cost a small and medium-size business a fortune. RealMacways has perfect solutions for small and medium-size business that automates your work and reduce the manual working. As a result, less time and energy is consumed on unproductive things.

Error Free Solution

No one wants to make mistake or error but human errors are inevitable and cannot be ignored. Sometimes, the cost of the error is higher than the price received for it. Small and medium-size businesses are at the initial point of growth and development, therefore, they cannot afford to make errors. For such small and medium-sized businesses, we have solutions that are error-free and even help you in reducing the rate of errors made by a human through automation of the process. Whether it is supply chain, HR and Payroll, or accounting, PMS or CRM, we have got a perfect and error-free solution for you.