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    Committed to Deliver Creative Digital Marketing Solution

Integrated Digital Marketing Solutions

Our integrated digital marketing solutions offer amazing results, as we are experts in every key digital marketing channel e.g. Pay-Per-Click (PPC), Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing (SMO), Content Marketing, Email and SMS marketing. We are committed to deliver you a creative and all-encompassing digital marketing solution. So, we strategize your marketing activities to attain the best results across every channel. We specifically focus on growing your business and increasing your return on investment (ROI).

Social Media Optimization

We have a skilled team of social media marketing, who can help you create a social appearance for your business. We can manage your social media campaigns to create leads and sales through engaging content, a number of followers, likes and comments. Through our creative social media marketing and optimization, we can position your business to the level where customers remembers your brand. Thus, our campaigns mainly focus on catering appealing content, upsurge followers, and drive word of mouth.

Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertisement

Our Pay-Per-Click advertisement service can help you spend less but get more leads. We are award winner marketing agency offering our guaranteed PPC service for a number of search engines e.g. Google, Bing, and Yahoo.
At RealMacways, we manage your PPC marketing campaign from account management to PPC advertising, PPC Campaign Management, PPC Bids Management, PPC marketing and PPC SEM along with landing page creation and optimization. We make your PPC campaigns smart enough to show to users at every search.

Email Marketing

Our email marketing services will aid you to accelerate your sales growth. Our email marketing experts have the ability to build an attractive & appealing email newsletters service for your business. We use smart and automated system for your email marketing campaign where emails are sent to potential and existing customers without any disruption. We also ensure that emails are not dumped in the spam and go wasted. Rather email will land to inbox of customers, which helps in converting the lead to sale.

Content Marketing

At RealMacways, we realize how essential content marketing is for engaging customers. So, we offer content marketing services to our clients that attract more customers and keep them engaged. Our team consists of vivid and excellent content marketers, who are capable of writing SEO friendly content for your valued customers. Our content marketing services aim to create appropriate content that engages your audience with your business. It will also upturn the number of customers and accelerate your customer relationship expedition.


With 92.7%+ on-time project completion, agile project management methodology, well-aligned process & seamless communication, we are able to deliver projects of varying complexities.

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Search Engine Optimization to Increase Traffic

Our SEO service assists would-be customers to explore you on search engines e.g. Google, Bing & Yahoo. Through our SEO service, you can have your website rank on the top for the most significant keywords. We possess a knowledgeable and skilled SEO team at RealMacways who are genius of their domain and have the caliber to make your website worthy of sales conversions with the high quality leads. We promise to change the way you are used to running your business and SEO activities.

On-Page Optimization

Everyone wants to have their website SEO optimized, keyword- targeted so that it ranks on the top and brings more traffic. If your website is not optimized, you must get started with the on page optimization right away. On page optimization is the most critical step in the online marketing to optimizing the website for a targeted keyword. We at RealMacways provide you on page optimization SEO services to make your website rank on the top. On-page SEO is easy to say but hard to do. We have a team of strategists, copywriters, SEO specialists to do your SEO correctly.

Off-Page Optimization

Once done with on-page optimization, next comes off-page optimization. Off-[age optimization is equally important as the on-page optimization. Our off-page optimization aims to optimize your online presence in such a way to place your website on search engines without which you will not have any online visibility. It will help you bring more customers and increase revenue. For this purpose, we do article, press release submission, blog posting, commenting, social bookmarking, directory submission, content syndication, image sharing, forum posting, guest blogging, business listing, and last but not least profile creation.

Affordable Digital Marketing Services

Our digital marketing services have advanced to bring customers to your business while accelerating brand awareness & generating leads. We use up-to-date, effective & efficient digital marketing solutions.

Conversion Optimization

Our affordable marketing service creates & implements analytics goals through adequate tracking while focusing on conversion optimization analysis. We focus on both macro and micro conversion. Macro conversion includes increasing the rate of purchasing a product from your website, requesting a quote, and subscribing to your service. Micro conversion entails signing up for email lists, creating an account, and adding a product to the cart.

Lead Generation

Our digital marketing service helps to customize your campaign strategy to generate qualified exclusive leads, which are focused on both quality and quantity while increasing your ROI. We don’t employ old and traditional way of collecting leads like cold calls, direct messages by email or social media. These techniques are not only exhaustive but also ineffective. We use AI on your website to collect leads for you. After we drive traffic to your website, the next step is to collect genuine leads for your business.