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Endless Possibilities with School Management.

There are endless possibilities to achieve with our school management system. We have covered everything that you may need in your school management system. Online student enrollment system also empowers parents to get their children enrolled into their desired grades before the start of the session. It is also very effective for students who want to get enrolled from other city or country. It also have fees management system, where recurring fees features are available. When a new month starts, system program send you an alert about it. It also sends students’ parents notification so that they can make the payment on the time.

Student Enrollment

RealMacways caters you with the coolest and user friendly experience entailed in the school management system. We have designed the school management system in the most smooth and basic way so that you can easily cope up with the nonstop updating admissions of schools in the best way possible.

Fee Management

RealMacways’ school management system entails all the features that may require to you for managing the fees of students. Our system provides you with hassle-free fee management that will assist you to undertake your fee-related tasks without using any paper. It will also reduce your manual work and save your staff valuable time.

Exams Management

Having an effective and strong examination system is the key to a successful school. It may need you to ensure that accurate information is entered into the system without any discrimination. Our school management system enables you to experience an easy and simple exam process with high security that also eliminates the chances of discrimination.

SMS Communicator

Today, SMS has become an important part of the communication. We have integrated SMS communicator into the system so that you can send SMS alerts to parents, teachers and students to keep them updated. Thus, you will be empowered to bridge the gap between parents and school. It will also help you with a high rate of enrollments.

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School Management System Software Top Features

We have put all your school management system requirements under one roof with our school management system software. Now you can manage your school right on the cloud means less time and spent on school management. You can track the behaviour of students analyse them by using the data offered by our school management system. Campus recruitment is important aspect of learning and education. School management system allows to view and offer internship, projects and other jobs to students. The significant feature is communication and social feature. We have integrated our school management system with the students’ information, which is used to send notifications to teachers and parents.

24/7/365 Monitoring

Monitoring the school administration is important. Now heads and executives of school such as director, principals, and in charges can keep an eye on the new perceptive information related to the school through the management system.

Fast & Reliable

RealMacways has designed a school management system to work fast and smoothly. So that it can be accessed by many at the same time. For this purpose, we have used a lightweight development framework, which gives you fast and reliable access to the system.

SMS Integration

SMS integration is one of the state-of-the-art features incorporated into the school management system. After considering the importance of SMS for sending fee reminders to parents or attendance status, result cards, and promotional messages reports, SMS feature is integrated.

Safe & Secure

Highly secure system with restricted access over each feature so as to make them hire from other unauthorized user. We have developed the system in such a way that it create backups almost on daily basis. Thus, in case you lose your data, your lost data is always restorable and accessible.