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Mobile Friendly & Fully Functional

Research Management System for Running Your Research Service!

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It Works Perfectly on All Devices

We realize how essential it is for today’s system to be compatible with every device. We have therefore focused on the area and made our research system responsive and mobile friendly. Research Management System is designed & developed in such a way that it can be operated and used on all devices, be it laptop, mobile, or tablet. It does not only make it easy for you to use the system on any device but also improves your productivity and efficiency.

Manage Reviews

Customers’ reviews and their ratings are of utmost importance. If you are the one ignoring customers’ reviews, then you will never grow your business. We have integrated a separate review system from where you can view and control customers’ review. Being admin of the website, you can see what your customers are rating you.

Client Testimonials

We have allotted a separate dedicated page where your customers can post their reviews. These testimonials can be good or bad both but regardless of the fact it allows you to give your customers freedom to share their feedback. You can manage these testimonials and respond them accordingly. So, view and update the status of clients’ testimonials on the website.

Content Management

Updating website content is an integral part of website optimization and maintenance. Traditionally, SEOs had to learn html coding to manage the website but now to manage the content of your research website, you don’t need to know html. You can now manage website content through content management at the backend.

Blog Management

Blog posting has become need of the time. No on-page optimization is complete without blog posting. Blogs are important for academic websites, as students often seek useful tips and ideas related to writing their assignment. Now post blogs through blog management system. Create blog category and post your blog accordingly.

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Manage Newsletter Campaign

Newsletters are an indispensable for the successful advertising and marketing campaign. However, it has to be automatic and systematic simultaneously. For newsletter campaign, advertisers are compelled to use third party software or solution, which is expensive and not even reliable. Besides, every time there is a glitch in the system, you lose all your data. We have incorporated newsletter management system with Research system. Create campaigns to attract more students to order academic assignment through newsletters management. You can create template for newsletters and manage subscribers and newsletters sending.


A system can have multiple users with different roles and rights. Many systems have the option to create only one user i.e. admin and there is no option to create other users. To create an ease for you, we have provided with user along with permission management. Now create, edit, and delete users (admin, managers, and writers) to operate the website & manage their right & access because every role is same.

Email Management

Every system is required to send emails to client regarding their account, orders & payment. These emails can be sent manually and automatic both. Emails sent repeatedly must be set to automatic. Our research system allows you to create email templates to send automatic emails to clients. Now greet your customers for their account creation or inform them about order delivery just in no time without any hassle.

Payment Modes

A research website must be able to accept payment from students via various payment modes. For this purpose, it must have dynamic option to create new payment modes or delete or edit the existing ones. Now adding new payment modes has become easy with payment mode management. Now add, edit and delete payment modes to get the payment accepted. You can also manage payment API to receive online payment.


Now adding and editing FTP/API is not a daunting and unnerving task. Research Management System gives you freedom to add, edit and delete FTP of websites and payment API. Our FTP management system let you transfer files to and from server and integrate the website data with research management system. Our research management system also allows you to synchronize up the website files from FTP server.