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Professional Quotes in Seconds!

Now create custom quote like a pro with RM Quote Management System. We have made it easy to send a quote or a proposal without any hassle of typing. Just select and customize your quote template, input proposal text, enter product and service with quantity, price, and total will be calculated itself. It offers you a great opportunity to input discount, tax, status of quote, and date of expiry of quotation descriptions, delivery regions, and type of client, methods of payment, and much more. As soon as the quotation is posted, an email is sent to the client, which can see after login. The client can also request for quotation from his client panel.

Quick Quotation

Sending quotation to your client is no more a hectic task. Our Quote Management System has made it super simple and easy for you to create a quick quotation. Just select the variables of your choice to determine the price and product items, enter customer details along with tax and discount and quotation is ready.

Automatic Quotation

Don’t need to be worried about writing or typing quotation manually and send a quotation to the client on the paper. You can now generate an automatic quotation in any format of your desire or need. You can now use our custom designed quotation templates to generate quotation automatically.

Track Quotation Status

Many have to go through the hassle of tracking the quotation status. With our Quote Management System, you don’t need to track the quotation status manually. Our system notifies you whether the quotation is accepted or rejected by the client. You can also define the status of the quotation for your record.

Send Quotation via Email

There is no need to print out or write the quotation by hand. Our Quote Management System allows you to send a quotation via email. It doesn’t mean that our system doesn’t let you print out. Our Quote Management System is multipurpose and let you print out, send quotation via email.

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Send Invoice Like a Pro!

Now create an invoice in less than 5 seconds. Our Invoice Management System provides you with typing free invoice generation facility with multiple themes selection feature. Just a few clicks and your professional invoice is ready to go. The professional invoice also allows you to respond to the client’s interaction with the quote. As soon as the quote is accepted or rejected, you get notified. Just one click and your quotation will be converted to invoice. You can also be notified if the invoice is paid or unpaid. Not only that, but you can also recur invoices through recurring invoice option.

One-Click Online Payment

After creating an invoice, a notification email is sent to the client along with a payment link, which can be used to complete online payment. As soon as the customer clicks on the Pay Now button, he is redirected to PayPal page. He enters the required details and payment is done. Upon receiving the payment, you are notified about the payment for the invoice.

Smart Notification System

Once invoice is created, you can perform multiple tasks with the invoice such as send invoice creation notification to customer via SMS or email, remind customer about invoice payment, or inform him about invoice overdue through notice, invoice payment confirmation and invoice refund confirmation. These notifications go with a payment link.

Get Paid Faster

Want to get paid faster and quicker without any hassle? Online payment is the best way to receive payment instantly. Invoice Management System allows you to integrate your PayPal what the system so that you can send invoices to customers and their payments directly land to your PayPal account. You can also integrate another payment processor except for PayPal.

Automatic Invoices

Do you often forget to send recurred invoice to your customers? Automatic invoice generator eases the task by recurring the invoices on the defined schedule. Do you want an invoice to recur over the period of time? No worries! Just create a new invoice and add it in the recurring invoice so that your customer is notified automatically when his subscription is expired.