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Work Management Solution

Web-based Project Management System to Scale across Teams in your Business.

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Customized Dashboard

Dashboards commonly provide with a fundamental place to access, correspond and assess the latest data so the user is able to make quick and efficient decisions based on that. A smart dashboard allows monitoring the performance of the system just in no time. Our Project Management System (PMS) comes with a customized and smart dashboard, which can help you visualize and analyze the status and progress of project, tasks, users, and resources. The dashboard with the help of attractive and meaningful graphs shows an insight of projects and their tasks while tracking completion of task and projects ensuring that they are completed and delivered right on the time.

Plan Tasks

Our Project Management System allows you to make strategic planning to get the project and related tasks done. Now you can create project plans and let your colleagues know it via our strong and powerful project management solution. Organize tasks by defining priorities & getting the tasks completed on time.

Manage Team

Project Management System is all about team management and collaboration. You can now create a team and assign them projects and individual tasks to perform. Our Project management System helps you create collaboration between teams and clients while providing them with a consistent communication channel.

Team Discussion

Effective communication is of utmost importance for the team to be efficient and productive. Our smart PMS offers a discussion board where the team can be connected together. The benefit of the discussion board is that it allows the team members of the project to share comments as well as documents with each other.


Reporting has become the need of today’s era. Reports are required by the management for the decision making after analyzing the data and trends. With our PMS, you can easily a variety of reports such as you can create reports for tasks, project, and users. You can also generate other reports such as ticket and discussion reports.

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Award Winning PMS

More than 10,000 businesses have deployed and used our online PMS successfully and found the system tremendously effective and efficient in achieving their project and task goals. The PMS guarantees to increase the productivity of your team by tracking the project progress, users’ time spent on a particular task and total number of time spent. Thus, PMS does not only provide analytical data of your project lifecycle but also ensures to waste of resource and time. Monitoring and controlling the resource and project life cycle has helped a number of organisations to improve their productivity and profitability.

Gain Visibility

Project management system provides project managers to enhance visibility and monitoring of project progress. Tracking project progress is critical for getting the project completed on the deadline. PMS allows you to gain insight into the projects and tasks. So, now with the PMS, you can see concurrent reports and status of your project and their tasks.

Simplify Planning

With our PMS, you can drive plan into an executable plan to attain success. PMS enables project managers to strategically plan project tasks and resources by carefully defining the objectives and project scope. It also assists in constructing an initial plan, add resources, costs, risks, and obtain stakeholders buy-in.

Team Collaboration

Project Management System allows team building by integrating communication with clients and team. Teamwork is the core essence of the project management system. Our PMS empowers you to create a team to work on different projects and produce collaboration among the team members by assigning them team tasks.

Flexible Workflow

Without an effective and efficient project management system, flexible workflow cannot be achieved. A smart PMS allows the team to work flexibly and without any specific time flow. Our project management system let you experience the flexible approach to manage and track team’s work. Now manage the workflow of your team with greater flexibility.