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Manage Sales with Smart POS

Speed up the point of the sales process with the smartest and efficient POS.

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Perfect Solution for Retail POS

Our Point of Sale (POS) solution is designed in such a way that it helps your store cut the costs at the same time increase the sales. It allows you to accept cash, credit and debit card as a means of payment. It also keeps the inventory record and protects your items from being stolen by the employees. It is a smart way of managing product, payments, and inventory and customer records. Our effective and efficient Point of Sale system is a combination of hardware and software and available to buy at monthly or annual subscription. We guarantee that you will be impressed and amazed how it manages your stores and creates ease for you and your employees.

Inventory Management

POS system allows you to track the record of inventory by automatically updating the inventory after each sale. Now you don’t need to be worried about the low or high level of inventory. As soon as your inventory is low or high, a notification email is sent to you automatically. Our smart POS system can be used at different stores with the same database in one system.

Employee Management

The specialty of our POS system is that it does not only record customer, inventory and sales data but also stores employees’ data. Such as it provides with the features that create schedules for employees. It also allows the employees to log in and log out of the system so that every sale is recorded along with the sales person name and times. Thus, the tool provides a great tracking of employees and their schedule.

Sales Management

Our POS system helps you speed up your checkout process. Being a store manager, you can now view, change, copy and print out the sales. You can also open saved sales and daily total sales. Besides, you can open the customer records, their sale receipts, print them out, and so on. You can also monitor product inventories, suppliers, and department-based performance.

Customer Record

Our POS system is smart in managing and recording customer data. With every sale, it does not only store sales record, but stores customer data along with their items shopped, customer ID, prices of items, customer sale history, invoicing, billing and notes for customers. You can use the record to analyse the item that is most popular among customers. You can use them to analyse the trend.

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Award-Winning POS For All Business Types

Our POS system is revolutionary that is a great move in replacing the traditional cash registers. Our POS system assists retailers and stores owners to increase their revenue while speeding up their process to meet the customers’ expectations. POS system has a significant impact on business efficiency and profitability. Our past clients have reported about a 20% increase in their revenue due to the POS system. Others have reported a 30% reduction in the employees’ hours by monitoring employee costs whereas there are 4% savings in sales by assessing inventory and sales trends. There is also a reduction in the theft whereas there is an increase in customer loyalty.

Registers Screen

The POS system comes with a Register Screen – hardware. Often it can also have two screens based on the status of cash register whether it is open or closed. Our POS allows to open cash registers and takes the latest amount of cash in the register so that new items can be ordered.

Bard Code Reader

POS system comes with a barcode reader or scanner – an electronic device. The bar code reader reads the product details including price by giving printed barcodes to the system. The POS system picks the price along with the name of the product and reflects the price on the screen.

Credit/Debit Card Reader

To boost the overall efficiency of POS, it is a must to have a credit or debit card reader. Our POS system comes together with the credit or debit card reader. The card reader accepts the card and reads the data from the card to get permission to deduct invoice amount.

Thermal Printer

Our POS is also combined with a thermal printer that is used to print the image of the invoice to give a receipt to customers. This is better than traditional invoice or receipt system where there were more chances of human errors in pricing or in total. The printer is also effective in improving the efficiency.