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Multichannel Order Management System

Manage Orders from a Single Platform to Fasten the Delivery.

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Achieve Higher Sales with Order Management System

Achieving your sales target is no more a daunting task. Our order management system let you manage your sales and improve productivity. Our order management consists of numerous features such as reinforcing customer relationship by offering simultaneous order information. Our order management development service aims to lessen the organizational challenges by catering all-inclusive picture of order. We offer order management design service rationalize the order self-actualization process by offering an automated workflow. It also merges sales recording through the company from a number of sales systems by assimilating orders.

Increase Sales

Order management system helps you place maximum orders in the minimum time. Now place the order for customers on the go. You can also collect customer goods, display new products and increase your customer base. Thus, you can manage your orders on the road.

Eliminate Errors

By deploying and integrating our order management system into your sales process helps you eliminate the chance of errors. Our system helps you minimize the time spent on delivery and invoicing thereby enhancing customer satisfaction. You can also utilize it to increase the sales performance.

Boost Productivity

Our order management system is an effective tool for monitoring your progress and performance. A dashboard shows you KPIs through reports. Thus, you are able to follow daily orders, payments received against the order and profile of your customers.

Web based Order Management

We empower your sales team by allowing them to use the order management on the web. We based order management provides you cloud-based inventory and order management software. You can use the order management from any location or any system.

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Order Management across All Channels

Order management system let you control your order level throughout different channels of the business. We keep your records on the central location so you can sell your products across all your channels. Now managing invoices, delivery and payments in different locations are just like a flip of a coin. Our order management software development service enables and automates the order process while lessening the time consumed in the order fulfilment cycle. Our design service improves the effectiveness and efficiencies of the order process. We have designed and developed the system in such a way that it allows the users to log in and convert the sales. Through our order management system, you can send quotes, invoices, and manage your orders.

Complete Inventory Management

RealMacways gives you well-explained as well as control over your inventory management. Now create purchase orders, or backorders just in a few clicks. As you enter purchase orders, the system updates the inventory including stock adjustments. You can also track the prices and sizes along with the expiry dates of your products at a different warehouse.

Setting up payments

With the order management system, it is very easy and simple to receive the payment online through your invoices sent to the client. You can add a ‘pay now’ button to your invoices while allowing your customers to pay online with just one click. You can also view the payments dashboard and can watch the account balance, payments, and payouts history.

Reports and insights

Now creating a custom inventory and sales reports is quite easy with the order management system of RealMacways. It is time to track your business performance in different divisions and department. You can also use it for planning for the growth of the company. Our order management system will provide you with insight into your relationships with customers, suppliers, and distributors.

Automate Order Process

An order management system assists you in automating and rationalizing the order process so that your business is fast and efficient. Our order management system also offers updated inventory information, information about vendors, customers, and a record of customer returns and refunds. You can also view the information on billing and payments, order processing records.