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Message Management System for Efficient Marketing Campaign

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Dashboard for Insight

Dashboard is a key requirements for gaining insight of the activity and outcome of the activity so that important decisions are made through monitoring and evaluation. With the admin of Message management system, there comes a smart dashboard that shows you insight as well as summary of the system. Now see summary charts of latest activity on your message service website on the dashboard. Also see latest funds details in one place without extra effort.


Newsletter or email marketing campaigns are vital element of a marketing strategy in the competitive market. These marketing campaigns help in building relationships. Now you can upload newsletter template and run newsletter campaign on Message Management System without any hassle.

Email Management

We know that you hate to type same email over and over again. But automatic emails are also important to greet client upon registration or fund transfer. Message Management System comes with email template creation option to create email template for automatic email sending to clients.

Customer Management

In the fast pace business world, it is critical to manage their customers. To do that, they need customer management system. Our system comes with customer management module so that you can access your customer details just in no time. See all your customers on one page on customer management.

Banners & Images

Banners and images are significant for attractive website. But who has the time to upload and re-upload new banners and images due to complexity involves in the task. Now you can update discount or deals’ banners and other website images through banner management available on the system.

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Easy to Use Built-in Features

The specialty of Message Management system is that it comes with multiple built-in features. These features allow you to perform certain tasks using one platform. Now manage rates, CMS pages, blog categories, posts, testimonials, banners and images, customers, and newsletters. You can also manage email, review, queries, message leads and audience. There is also a setting option to control sitemap, users, permission, values, FTP, websites and API, and payment mode.

Client Reviews

Clients’’ reviews are important for your business growth. A thumbs-up can drive more sales whereas a bad review can decline your sales. Message management system has review management system where you can view all clients’ reviews on one page with review features. You can also control approval and disapproval of reviews to maintain the quality of reviews.

Customer Queries

Checking and replying customers’ queries are important for successful customer retention. For customer queries, you usually use email to view and reply them. Message Management system has built-in feature to receive and view customer queries. Now manage customer queries and their concerns from query management page given on the Message Management System.

Manage Users

Users are mandatory for operating message management system. Having multiple users require having feature to control users’ right to access certain features. Message Management System comes with user management where you can create, edit, and delete users. You can also control their rights to certain options such as what they can view, edit or delete.

Payment Mode

Having different payment modes are important for Message Management system. You like to offer different payment options to your users. Now managing payment mode is not a daunting task because Message Management System comes with features where you can add, edit, or delete different payment modes offered for the ease of customers.