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Manage Employees & Employee Self-Service

They say that employees are the asset of an organization. In order to boost the morale and productivity of employees, it is vital to managing employees appropriately. Our HRM system allows you to manage your employees in the best way possible. With our HRM system, you can manage employee personal information, employment history, job profiles, and a workflow for transfers, employee promotions, their pay raises and benefits information and other perks. These benefits are coupled with employee self-service portal. The employee portal allows the employees to view and update their personal information, attendance, submit leave request, monitor their attendance and stay updated about recent happenings of the company through the newsfeed.

Recruitment Management

Our HRM system can be effective in the recruitment process. It let prospective employees apply for jobs online. It not only saves time but also saves money and energy while keeping the recruitment process more organized and systematic. Our system is also effective in filtering that only qualified applicants can apply for the job position. It saves a lot of time of HR managers. HRM can also be used for attracting more qualified applicants.

Data Management

Traditionally, HR used spreadsheets and documents to manage the employees and the related data. Once you have HRM System of RealMacways, you will not need to have a hard time with these spreadsheets and documents. With RealMacways’ HRM system, you will be able to manage your employees’ data just in a single place. The system gives the freedom of generating a centralized employee database.

Leave Management

Our HRM system allows you to create leave related rules and policies with great flexibility. Through this leave management system, employees can request for leave and admin can approve or reject. You can also mark leave as soon as leave request of an employee is approved. You can also decide which leave is paid and which is unpaid. At the end of the month, you can accumulate the leave balance and compare it with attendance every month.

Payroll Management

Payroll management can be a very tiring task. There is also no chance of any error. Our HRM system helps you in your effort to reduce errors and manage payroll smartly. You can now calculate employees’ pay and benefits, manage deposits made to their account or cash issued, salary revisions and payroll tracking. It does not only help with current salaries but also helps with salary increments based on performance and attendance .

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Smart Performance Management System!

Smart and efficient performance management is the key to motivate employees by automating the performance appraisal system and keeping your employees aligned with the company’s goals. Our performance management system let you configure the appraisal cycle, manage a goal, competency, and appraisal. Appraisal management is essential for the performance system. Our HRM system gives you the freedom to manage appraisal fully by initiating appraisal, fill appraisal form, review appraisals, assignment performance ratings, and generate appraisal reports for each employee. Now get a clear picture of your employee performance and make an effective decision that improves performance and boosts profits. Tracking employee appraisals and reviews was never so easy before.

Flexible System

We have designed the HRM system to fulfil your needs. Therefore, our HRM system is able to offer you flexible setup of HRM features and reporting of the important data so that you can understand whether your business is growing or not. Depending on the package, you can also manage unlimited employees as per their department and job position.

User–Friendly Interface

HRM system must be easy to understand with a user-friendly interface that let both employees and admin use it easily. We have provided with easy navigation and shortcut keys throughout the system to have easy and fast access to commonly used screens. It will not only save your time but will also improve your efficiency.

Secure & Protected

HRM system usually contains employees’ personal information, their performance and job details. Therefore, the system security firewall has to be strong, secure and protected. Our HRM system does not let any unauthorized person intrude into the system. The only person with the login and password can log in to the system.

Easy to Use

Our HRM system is easy to use for both employees and managers. It provides support to managers and executives to learn how employees are performing and what factors are involved in motivating them and keep them productive. Employees can also communicate freely with managers through HRM system. It also removes any partiality and creates transparency.