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eCommerce Management System for a Hassle Free Online Business.

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Main Dashboard

eCommerce Management System comes with dashboard so that you can view recent activities and can take quick actions. It shows Woo Commerce status along with updates about products in stock or out of stock, orders on hold and awaiting processing. You can also view recent customer registration and recent orders placed on your website. Now always stay ahead from the world and take actions as you go. Dashboard helps you improve the efficiency of your eCommerce business and enhance the productivity. Now analyse important data to make decision such as KPIs.

Catalog Management

eCommerce websites have numerous categories, products and brands to sell online. Before posting products, it is a must to create catalog or categories. Our eCommerce management system has a feature that eases your life and allow you to add, edit and delete categories, brands and products just in no time.

Page Management

A good eCommerce website is the one with multiple relevant pages. If you are the one who want to add new page on the website, then it is easy with our eCommerce management. We allow you to create a content based page without any hassle. Just click on page, add page and enter SEO contents related to the page.

Product Management

Managing products on eCommerce is critical to keep the website updated. Our eCommerce management system allows you to post your product on your website along with image, SEO contents and keywords. Also manage product price and their types. So, now post new product or edit and delete product on your website.

Manage Banner

Banners give attraction and beauty to your eCommerce website. You can place offer and promo banner on the website to make it look appealing for your potential and existing customers. eCommerce management system offered by RealMacways gives you freedom to manage banner without going into coding details.

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All eCommerce Features Incorporated!

Now no need to buy a separate plugin to integrate specific features into your eCommerce. eCommerce management system offered by RealMacways has got everything covered in the eCommerce Management system. Whether it is about managing content, users, or customers, our eCommerce system is an all-in-one solution. You can also manage your website appearances such as theme settings, sidebars, html blocks, widgets, menu, editor, AMP, and plugins. Woo Commerce allows you to manage products as well as orders, coupons and generate reports of your sale. Besides, under product management, you can add new products, categories, tags and attributes.

SEO Management

SEO is very important for the success of your website. Good SEO strategy may drive more traffic to your website, assist you to increase your sales and profitability and gain more customers and achieve your business goals. You do not want to spend a lot of time on the SEO activity while manually updating alt tags, keywords, title and description. Update web title, meta description, keywords of pages in just a few clicks.

Discount/Promo Management

For a successful retailing online, discount and promotional offers are of utmost significance. Managing discount is important because it attracts more customers and help in increasing the sales. But you need a system where you can create promo and discount code for customers to apply in the cart. Now with RM eCommerce management system, managing discount and promo is very easy and simple. Now create, activate or deactivate discount and promo codes.

Review & Comment Management

For an online business, customer reviews are as important as a personal recommendation as customers more like to buy from a retailer who has excellent reviews. Getting customer reviews on your website allows your customers to post and share their experience regarding a product through Leave Comment or Rate product feature. With RM eCommerce system, now you can view and reply customers’ reviews and their comments about products.


Automatic reporting is vital for the business survival. All the important business decisions are made based on reporting. It also helps in developing business strategies and objectives leading to successful business. With RM eCommerce management system, you can now generate weekly, monthly or quarterly reports about customers, sales, refunds, returns, and inventories. Our analytics will also assist in analyzing the reporting data so that you never lag behind.