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Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system offered by RealMacways allows you to collect and manage the information and communication of your company with customers, suppliers and other businesses. We present you a state-of-the-art and cutting-edge solution for your customer relationship management activity in the company. Now create as many contacts as you want, create accounts, manage opportunity and lead, just by using one and only platform of RealMacways CRM. This is not it, you can also manage quote, calendar, document, calls, meetings, tasks, notes, case, targets, projects and emails. You are getting all these features and benefits in one CRM solution by RealMacways. Now manage your sales activity smartly and close every sale.

Contact Management

Contacts are important for running your customer relationship management activity. Our CRM system allows you to store as many contacts as you want. We understand that you do not like to miss any important contact and you also have to take follow up on the prospective customers. Contact management provides a tremendous opportunity to save important contacts.

Account Management

Account managers need to have account management system to manage an accounts. To make the most of the customers, account managers must know which accounts are more important for their business and prioritize them effectively and offer them a high level of service. Account management of RealMacways allows you to identify the potential customer account and maintain strategic partnerships.

Lead Management

No matter how you generate leads, it has to be managed properly. Our CRM system allows you to manage leads by tracking prospective customers. Our lead management allows you to generate leads, convert it into sales leads, filtering and grading leads, and nurturing leads. Once the leads are converted into customers, further features of CRM helps in building a relationship with customers.

Opportunity Management

Opportunity management is important to build a relationship because it allows you to manage sales prospect, requested service or product, sales volume and a sales probability. Our CRM system offers you features via which you can control the sales process. It also provides you with an insight of information on sales leads as well as opportunities. Now see past and present data of your customers.

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Boost Your Sales with CRM!

Our CRM systems allow you to achieve your business aims and mission of the company. CRM gives you the freedom to offer customized service that is customer-centric. Now you can close more deals with less effort via our smart CRM system. It also enables you to use automation tools to track customers’ interaction. It automates your business functions to improve the sales cycle, which is important for the business success. Thus, you can attract more customers and retain them by building a strong relationship. Moreover, with the help of analytics feature, you can better satisfy your customer, as analytics provides you with valuable data related to customers, sales, campaign and leads.

Set Targets

Setting targets is vital for a successful sales activity. It does not only motivate the sales team but also help in achieving the business goals. Our CRM system has a built-in target management option where targets can be set for the sales team and progress can be tracked to measure the sale team performance.

Initiate Campaign

Newsletter campaigns are an integral part of the customer relationship management process. You may want to send offers and promos to your existing and potential customers to appeal and attract them to buy your product or service. Our CRM has a built-in newsletter campaign management feature.

Send Emails

The core aim of CRM is to provide you all the facilities under one roof. Our CRM system has a built-in email system that let you and your salespersons check new emails from a client and reply to them. You can integrate as many email IDs as you want, and create as many signatures as you want.

Manage Calls & Meetings

No sales activity is complete without maintaining the log of calls and meetings. An efficient CRM requires to enable sales persons to manage his calls and meetings including logs, scheduled alarm, and so on. Our CRM system comes with built-in calls and meetings management features.