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Manage Payment with Checkout

Get instant payment online via our smart checkout management system.

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Generate Custom URL for Payments

Receiving payment via payment links are the simplest method to receive payments. Our Checkout Management System comes with the feature to generate custom URL for payment for different customers and receive them without any cart system. You can also control the URL type, hits allowed, currency, payment cards, and product or service for which payment is being received. To generate custom URL for payments, you just need to log in and click on Add to generate a new URL. Once URL is generated, you can copy the link and share it with your customers. The best thing about the custom URL generation option is that you can control the status of the URL and can share it with as many people as you want. You can also integrate a number of websites depending on the package and website allowed.

Dynamic System

Checkout Management System is a perfect solution, which is designed after keeping every aspect of a modern system in mind. The system is dynamic, thus, you can input values of different fields appearing in different forms in the system such as services, account type, and currency. You can also input and configure a number of website and processors.

Simple & Flexible

Given that our checkout system is dynamic, it is very easy and flexible to use. Whether it is about creating custom URL for an individual customer or fixed URL to configure on the website with the cart, our Checkout System is simple, easy and flexible to create fix or custom URL to accept payment. It is so flexible that you can control allowed hits and status.

Real Time Info

A real-time information system is a smart approach because it responds to transactions immediately by updating the master files. Thus, you can always monitor the status of the payment immediately after it is made. Our checkout management system helps in getting live or real-time payment information to keep the track of transaction.

Automatic Checkout

Our checkout management system is not all about custom URL for payment. It also supports automatic payment, which is especially useful for eCommerce websites. Without fixed payment URL, now receive payment automatically without any trouble. Create fixed URL for multiple websites and processors, be it Credit Card, PayPal or other.

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Easy to Use Features

For any checkout management system, it is essential to have easy to use features, which saves users’ time and improves his efficiency. We have designed the checkout management system in the most user-friendly manner. Every feature is simple and easy to use. Just a couple of clicks and you are all set and good to receive payments online. You can multiple users, monitor all your payments on a single platform, use analytics on the dashboard, and fix errors that are identified through the error log. The most exciting and interesting aspect of the checkout management system is that you cannot only generate payment URLs but also share them via an email, SMS, messenger, and chatbot and get paid instantly. So, getting payments from customers is now just a link away.

Multiple Users

A company can have multiple users and salesperson who need to access checkout system and issue payment link to customers. Without a user management system, it is simply not possible to create multiple users and let them access the checkout management system. With our Checkout Management system, now create multiple users so that they can create, edit and update the payment options.

Payments in One Place

A perfect checkout management system must enable the users to view all the payments in one place. Whether it is about transaction updates or error in the payment link, admin and manager of our checkout system will be able to get automatic transaction updates and see all the payment transaction all in one place of the checkout management system.

Smart Dashboard

A dashboard is very handy because it helps in monitoring and measuring the performance of the system. Our checkout management system allows you to monitor transaction status of payment URLs.
You can now visualize and analyze data and get valuable insight. With the smart dashboard, view the recent payment transactions with details.

Error Log

Encountering errors is a common phenomenon in the information management system. At times, payment link might not work at the user end and it will pop up errors. In this way, an error log can be helpful in providing you with real-time error list so that you can view the error just in time and take actions to correct them and run smoothly.