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Revolutionize Business with Accounting Suite

Perfect Accounting Suite for Entrepreneurs, Start-ups, & Enterprises.

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Ridiculously Easy-to-Use Accounting Suite

Our Accounting Suite is ridiculously easy-to-use, simple and requires less time to understand the use of the system. We have made it easy for you to manage your accounting without getting into the mess of paperwork. The system tends to automate the entire process by automatic task including invoicing, billing, expense and income management, and accents. Moreover, you will be amazed to see how easy it has become to organize your customers, suppliers, orders and sales with the Accounting Suite of RealMacways. You can also allow your customers to log in and view their invoice and pay upfront. Accounting Suite is a web-based system and 100% secure. It is also built on the responsive framework so you can access it on your phone, tablet and desktop.

Manage Deposits

Managing deposits or income is a hectic task to perform along with running your business. Our Accounting Suite allows you to automate your income records and focus on other important stuff related to business. Rather than inputting the deposits in the journal, now you can manage them in a smart system. Managing your income and deposits is just a few clicks away. Just select account where you want to input the deposits, select date, currency, amount, category, payer, method and reference number and you are good to go.

Account Transfer

On different occasions, you may need to transfer amount from one account to another to adjust the entries. To transfer amount from one to another account, usually double entries are made but with RM Accounting Suite, you need to undergo through one process. Just click on transfer, select account from and account to with a date, currency, and the amount and you are all set. All the transfer made to other accounts are listed in a log where you can view all of them together.

Organize Expense

Managing expense becomes a frantic task to do while managing the whole business. Whether you are an entrepreneur, start-up or enterprise, you are aware of how daunting it is to manage expense. RM Accounting Suite is very simple and user-friendly. To add expense, just select account where you want to add expense, date, currency, category, payee, and method and you are done. With every entry, accounts get adjusted automatically and you don’t need to spend hours just to adjust the account entries.

Account Management

Accounts required to be managed on regular basis to correct any error or flaw in the records. Having paper base account journal makes it impossible to maintain accounting journals. With RM Accounting Suite, account maintenance has become easy. Just click on account, select account title, input description, account number, contact person, and phone and you are good to go. If you want to keep a better record, you can also input bank URL so one knows in which bank account exists.

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Experience Stress-Free Accounting Suite

A successful business needs to have the latest information available from different operational activities of the organisation so that management can analyse the data and make timely decisions. It is almost impossible to have all the modules. Accounting Suite is effective in keeping up-to-date information of all your income, expense, sales, purchase, assets, customers and suppliers on a periodic basis. It has become very easy with RM Accounting Suite to track and manage your accounts related information. Whether it is managing customers, suppliers, or accounts, Accounting Suite of RealMacways has got you covered.

Asset Management

It is largely important for businesses to manage and track their assets adequately. For this purpose, it is significantly important to have a smart system that records the assets without any hassle. Our Accounting Suite allows you to manage your assets in the smartest way possible. Now you can manage your asset while you are on the road. Just click on Asset, click on Add Assets, and you are done.

Order & Sales

An Accounting Suite is incomplete without order and sales management system. Managing orders and sales allow you to manage your invoices, quotes, payment and income as a result of sales. Our Accounting Suite allows you to issue invoices, recurring invoices, quotes, and payment. It also comes with mini POS so that you can manage your point of sales with little or no stress.

Suppliers & Products

Having a supplier and products management system gives you the freedom to automate the inventory process. It does not merely improve your relationship with suppliers but also enhances lifecycle performance and reduces the risk. Our Accounting Suite provides smart supplier and product management tool for your business. Product management maintains your inventory.

Manage Customers

Customer management is an important part of customer relationship management. In order to have an effective customer relationship, it is critical that customers’ data is recorded flawlessly. To ensure that you experience the best customer management, Accounting Suite allows you to record the data of your customer smartly.