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Designing Contract

Designing Contract is a brand of RealMacways offering design and development service. It is being run as a separate divisions with the aim to bring and increase more sales but the leading hurdle was old pattern design with little users’ engagement. The website needed to be revamped, redesign, restructured, and reorganized in terms of design and navigation on the client side. It also lacked a dashboard for client where client can see their orders and track the status.

The team of RealMacways collaborated with the marketing and operation manager of Designing Contract to get a new face of the website.

  • Full customization of backend on ASP.NET.
  • Mobile compatibility of website.
  • HTML, CSS, JAVA and JQuery to develop front end.
  • SQLServer for backend database tables.
  • Social media integration.
  • Google analytics integration.
  • Modern and clean design on the front end.

The scope of the website was huge as developing a customized website on #c was not an easy task. We tasked RM designers to come up with a new and mind-blowing design idea and they nailed it. Besides, development team developed a fully functional and bug free backend.

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