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    Now be more productive and manageable with our freelancer software solutions.

Get Paid Efficiently with Smart Invoicing!

As a freelancer, you work hard to be more productive and manageable. For this purpose, you offer and deliver remarkable products or service, to your clients and work hard for their satisfaction so that you get paid. Often freelancers have to send invoices to their clients. We offer invoice solutions via which sending invoices is no more a hectic task.

Less Hassle with Invoice

Freelancers often find themselves in the hustle to send the invoices to their clients. Invoice is a key element of working as a freelancer. Manual invoicing is time-consuming and there is always a chance of error. Invoice system offers by RealMacways is simple and lessens the hassle of drawing invoices manually. Now send an automatic invoice and receive online payment with our invoice or billing management system.

Calendar Tool

Being a freelancer is not easy because every day is different with different difficulties. If you do not like routine work, then you will do just fine. If not, then you will have a problem in coping up your task. RealMacways offers a calendar app device that makes you self-disciplined and keeps you on the track of deadlines so that none of your tasks is ever late.

Tracking for Freelancers

Time management is of key significance for freelancers. Every minute and moment is crucial to improve the productivity as well as submit the work on the deadline so that your client is satisfied and happy with your work. The time management tool can be very handy to track where you spend time and how much time a task consumed. You can also schedule a task for maximum output.

Grow with Project Management

Freelancers often have multiple tasks to do and it is difficult to manage each task or even keep the record of it. In order to sort this out, RealMacways has launched its project management system solely for freelancers. You can now add your every task here, update their status and attach relevant documents. You can also schedule your tasks so you are never behind the deadline.

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Expand Your Working Capability

For a freelancer, it is always about working hard and expanding their working capability to increase the income. Different technological tools can be very effective in expanding your capability. RealMacways brings about these tools in a coherent and systematic way.

Cloud Storage

Cloud storage is the virtual memory where files and folders can be stored on the cloud without consuming the physical memory of your PC or laptop. A number of cloud storage apps are available in the market but none of them are exclusively made to freelancers or even integrate with other systems of freelancers. RealMacways has built customized storage to suits your needs.

Communication Tool

Whether it is written communication or oral, you need a channel or tool to communicate with your clients and other partners. RealMacways offers an effective and efficient means of communication and stays in touch with your clients and partners. We offer an email management system along with virtual phone facility, which can be used after getting a monthly subscription from RealMacways.

Smart Writing Tools Your Reach

Freelancers are always in need of writing i.e. writing an email, chatting with clients, or even writing a formal document. A writing tool is a good friend of a freelancer especially if you are a writer. RealMacways caters its freelancers with grammar checker tools. Now enjoy free typing with no hassle because our writing tools are always there to assist you.

Finance Tools

Managing finance e.g. invoicing, expenses, and incomes are one of the most difficult tasks to manage for freelancers. We understand that you are all busy working hard for your customers while ensuring that they are satisfied and happy. But what about your finances? Do not worry! RealMacways comes up with a great solution for managing your finance. Now you can send invoices to your clients online and manage your incomes and expense at the same time. Our invoicing, accounting and billing systems are just what you have been looking for. Now focus on your freelancing job and our systems will take care of your accounting and invoicing.

Proposal Mechanism

Being a freelancer, you always find yourself in the trouble in writing a proposal. At first, you have to search for a proposal template and jot down your proposal according to the template. However, not everyone likes to go through the whole process of writing a proposal. To ease it out and make your life simple, we have introduced an automatic proposal generator that creates a proposal while selecting fields and your proposal is just ready. Now either save the proposal, keep it in the draft or send it to a client. If you want to send the proposal, you can do it just right from there without downloading it and sending it via email.