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  • Enterprise Software and Integration Solution

    Do More with Sophisticated Enterprise Software Solution

The Optimum Enterprise Solution for All Sizes

We develop and integrate enterprise solutions into your business model that suits your business needs. Our enterprise solution services allow your business to meet today’s market challenges. Our enterprise management solutions bring about basic deployment, high security and efficient management of the business operation.

Enterprise Mobility Solutions

We offer enterprise mobility solution for the businesses so that your business operations are always on the go. We develop robust enterprise solutions that brings you even closer to your customers. With our enterprise mobility solutions, your business gets a new look and becomes flexible. Mobile platforms technology has been revolutionizing the business and now it is your turn to adopt it.

Advanced Analytics

Analytics has become the most important tool to integrate and merge the information of customers and business so that you have a clear insight into the available resource. It also provides with the opportunity to make crucial decision to operate the business and lead it forward. It helps you predict your customers’ need and the way you speed up your business to cater to customers’ demand.

ERP Services

We have a full and thorough skill and proficiency in analysing, implementation, customization, integration, maintenance, and support of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions of your organization. We make sure that your organization receives the utmost benefits out of the enterprise resource planning solution that we build for you. We aim at improving the functions of the operations through state-of-the-art technology.

Cloud based Solutions

Now power your business with the cloud base solutions. We are expert in delivering modern and cost-effective enterprise solutions on highly secure cloud servers. A number of organizations have been using our solutions in order to manage their complex and time-consuming business operation. You can also get benefit from these in-house solutions without any hassles or extra costs.

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Solution for Competitive Edge

At RealMacways, we are dedicated to innovating your business through our modern solutions that not only improve your business operations but also create a competitive edge for you so that you always remain ahead in the competition of the industry.

Custom Development

We believe in custom development. Therefore, we prefer to gather your business requirements and develop solutions with the features that stand out. In case you do not like our stand-out features or these stand-out features do not fulfil your requirements, we will come up with a custom development solution. Our development approach considers the new and latest version to be used for your business. We also undertake custom development to make it simple and easy to be built and deployed instantly.


In order to successfully implement the solution in your organization, we take extra care and consider different elements that are affected by the implementation. Our implementation team has great expertise in different types of implementation including CRM, PMS, ERP, and CMS. In order to ensure smooth delivery of the solution, we hire a dedicated team that works while focusing on your core business and its key operations. Our team implements the solutions while reducing the effort with fast implementation.

Platform Integrations

Integration of the new system solutions with the old one helps in bridging the gap and create an immense collaboration. It also helps in reducing the gap between different applications while offering a central location for all data. RealMacways possesses widespread and far-reaching skills and experience of integrating multi-platforms and systems. Our platform integration will help in reducing the time consumption in the manual task or multiple tasks.

Training Staff

Based on the nature and type of business goals and environment, we provide help with staffing support. We train your staff resources to comprehend the use of the system to perform day to day basis task. We also possess a team of experts, who are skilled and help you arrange training sessions with your staff. They can prepare presentations and other handout manuals to be distributed during the training session. All in all, we ensure that the right skills are developed to use the right system so that maximum output can be generated out of the enterprise solution.

Post Implementation Support

We continue catering support after the implementation for enterprise solutions. We rationalize your business process by delivering improved business requirement, staff training, service deployments, and referring to the new features to suit your business requirements. Moreover, our documentation team provides non-stop support in preparing user manuals as well as a functional specification document for your personnel to become familiar with the system.