RM - ERP Research Portal (RP)

Research Portal (RP) is pioneering concept engendered with the inception of purchase of research based academic papers online. Organizations and companies providing online paper writing services are incapable to develop process concerning managing orders, users, websites, and customers. We are the first to offer a dynamic platform to add, edit, delete, update and other control for orders, web contents, and users automatically.

Features of Research Portal

Research Portal is the best way to monitor the pulse of your research website and is perfect to keep orders and customers tracks. This system is perfectly designed for a greater visualization of your research business knowing how well your writers are meeting customer's needs and demands. It is also an ideal process to track the order details such as processed orders, assigned orders, and proofread, delivered, reviewed and refund orders.

See Your Key Metrics in One Place

Properly designed and refined research portal is an indispensable tool that provides insight of the research business in a glance. It features the ability to combine multiple data and visual analysis for the best practices. Your organization must know the exact metrics that aligned behaviors, strategy and track success for an ever-evolving task. With our designed templates, you can quickly create a source that connects as per your choice. So, whether it is about managing customers and their orders, or transaction and their reports, now you can perform all these on single platform.

Understand your Data in a Glance

With our elegant designed portal, you can easily configure your research websites to get the most insights out of your order transaction. Our system monitors your business's vital signs such as transactions management, order form management, client management, and user management. The additional feature of the research portal is dashboard and ticket. Where dashboard reflects the insight of the orders based on monthly, quarterly, or annual orders fulfillment, on the same ground, ticket facility allows interacting with clients. This means that you can focus on what matters and can react fast to meet important events in all your key metrics. Our research portal has a sleek and lean-look, which allows you to better understand your company's data without any clutter.

Keep Your Writers Informed

Sometimes you need to track information throughout the course of daily operations. We fully understand the status of your business and can help you anticipate and avoid problems before they become hot topics in a monthly report. Our portal has the capability to share information or supportive documents to the writers, where writers are informed about their tasks through writer's panel.

Fancy a Bet!

We are committed to provide you the entire massive suite to be installed on your network. Transforming your business into a best-run business and turning inefficiencies into opportunities. We have confidence in our provided service and thus can even bet you 15 free days that our research portal will become an essential tool for running business that is more effective. You cannot say fairer than that. Contact and speak with the world's most experienced and talented experts NOW!

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