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RM Dialer is a free SIP softphone dialing app that is intended to facilitate the audio calls over the Internet. With advanced features and easy to use interphase, RM Dialer makes international voice calling, a breeze. Not just it offers crisp and clear audio calls, but high security standards as well. RM Dialer is one of its kind app that has abridged the gap between business, their associates and the customers. The end-users of RM Dialer include business, call centers, service providers, or any entity that is in need of constant communication.

All Contacts InOne Easy Interface

Get all your contacts displayed in a single unified screen! Our VoIP Softphone will integrate your native contacts into an intuitive interphase, so as to facilitate an easy access toall your contacts for convenient calling. Now you don’t need to search here and there to find important contact numbers as they will be in-front of your eyes. You can also import your contacts into the dialer.


Secure VoIP Calls With High-Grade Encryption!

Everyone deserves privacy, so do you! Don Rsquo;t let anyone eavesdrop on your conversations. With RM dialer, you can be rest assured that your calls are not snooped by any military or civil entity. Retain control of potentially compromising information like your location, home and address information, the message you exchange on calls, etc. Save your talks from the unwanted prying eyes.

Affordable Solutions

Call anybody all around the world with the fairest rates in the market. RM Dialer works well with the majority of the VoIP services. Use our dialer app to make International calls with utmost security without breaking the bank. Try it once and you will definitely get accustomed to using it more frequently than your office phone or mobile.

FreeRM Dialer toRM Dialer Calls

Make free calls to other RM dialer users, wherever you are, whenever you want! You can make SIP calls from RM dialer to RM dialer without spending a single penny. Coordinate with the staff at your branch office and make free dialer to dialer calls. Calls by RM dialers across high bandwidth connections offer higher quality of audio on both ends.

Multiple Accounts, MultipleIDs

Leverage multiple account facility with RM Dialer App. Using this app, you can make unlimited user accounts. Call your contacts with your desired account and CALLER ID. This feature is highly valuable for business running many brands under a single hood. Get connected to your targeted audience any time, any place.

Instant Messenger (IM)

Exchange your information in the real time with Instant messenger! No time for call or busy in a meeting? Just type in a message and send it to your recipient at the snap of your fingers. Now there is no need to write a prolong email to your client, write a subject and email address, compose context and send it to your clients. A small text message with powerful words can do the job in a better way.

Extend Your Phone’s Power To YourDesktop

Leverage all the features of RM dialer from your computer desktop with our“Desktop Dialer” app. Not just the dialer works smoothly with different VoIP services, but also offers easy and better control on microphone & speaker volume. Make PC to Phone audio calls, check the remaining balance as well as make the app run in the background when idle.

Proven to Perform.Boost your onlinesales.

Based on VOIP technology, RMDialer click to call Desktop and mobile app is loaded with features, economical to use and delivers high Return on Investment (ROI).

  • Quick & Simple Installation

    RM DIALER is so easy to download and install. Just download the app from the store and this single-click installer app will itself set everything or you in a super fast pace.

  • Intuitive User Interface

    Using RM Dialer is no rocket science. RM DIALER was designed to be utile, efficient and easy to use. The user interface comprises of the contact list, dial pad, and buttons.

  • Substantial Savings

    No more spending bags of money like water on your international calling expenses now. RM DIALER helps you save big! Coupled with VoIP services you can make calls at pennies.

  • Completely Free

    RM Dialer is a free app, which means you can download it without paying any charges. Some features of the app are paid, but calling RM DIALER to RM DIALER is absolutely free.

  • Call Details & Records

    With RM DIALER, you can check the call logs comprising of all missed, dialer and received calls. Besides this, the call summary will update you with the minutes that are utilized.

  • Multiple choice Of SIP Trunks

    RM DIALER words well with the majority of the VoIP Providers or SIP Trunks. Enjoy cheap calls with your clients, associates and friends using your desired services provider.

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