About RM

Our Story

RealMacways was established in January 2008 having main purpose to revolutionize IT industry with its extensive range of services being served with the help of professional and technical team having high-tech and innovative ideas. Over many years, we have developed our strength in software development and utilized our marginal strength to achieve the company's goals.

Our Mission

'Our mission is to develop and deliver inexpensive, inclusive, and flexible IT solutions, products, and service to individuals and businesses.'

We are a multi-skilled and integrated software and e-commerce solution provider with skills and expertise to facilitate business solutions. Our working culture is based on building up of entire software, web development to creativity from beginning until the end. With years of honed expertise in quality-integrated solutions and cross-platform skills, we have adopted a multi-dimensional competent delivery model by providing value-based solutions as well as professional services to our clients across the globe. To deliver the IT assistance, we work in a partnership style with our customers so that they can trust us, invest in our people and build a strong and lasting business relationship.

We are leading IT development and support company and feel pride by providing world-class outstanding services through our professional and innovatively experienced team. We are the leading IT service provider to new and existing customers in helping them to increase their productivity. We specializes in IT consultancy, E-Business solutions, application development and so on. Our professional team always works with our customers in a unique partnership style approach as to obtain the IT assistance you needed to trust. We have been providing 24-hours multilingual global IT service help desk to a leading company in the IT sector. We are the most trusted advisor to world leading corporate, individual and institutions. We continue with our commitment to expand the growth of our services to meet the diverse and growing needs of the customers.


Our Vision

'We differentiate ourselves as creative and quality information solution provider. We recognize our potential to furnish real time solutions in the most complex and challenging environment.'

We provide IT support, helpdesk and consultancy services by selling and supporting full range of IT software and maintenance contracts 24x7 through our certified staff. We deliver a full and versatile range of application development, enterprise solutions, business process consultancy and systems integration as well as pre-defined solution frameworks.

Companies are increasingly concerned about software quality, as it has now become a critical component in systems, we have developed quality standards that are specific to software and we are committed to maintain the highest quality standards of people, process and infrastructure. We are committed to exceed our client expectations, by providing them the highest quality services. When an individual or corporate has critical software issue, they need a leading IT consultant in their day-to-day operations. These organizations turn to us more often, as we offer flexible and scalable e-commerce solutions designed for business to grow and succeed.

Customers choose us because of our cost-effective solutions, built on open source technology and control to enable businesses and to customize the look and feel, content and functionally of their online requirements. Our in-depth understanding of client's various requirements helps us provide them with innovative and endless technology solutions. We sell and support the full range of IT solutions and offer maintenance up to 24X7 through our experienced and certified staff; working in customer service throughout the globe providing helpdesk and consultancy to on-site desktop support.


Our Values

'Always make ways for your IT puzzle buildup, we can provide you with all the required parts'

We have a strong management team in place and are now actively hiring new key professionals from the IT sector for further strengthening our team, as our business is now poised to expand quickly over the next couple of years. This is so as to the fact that we have grown and gained our business share in areas of IT solutions by delivering international projects with our caliber qualified staff.

  • Growth
  • Success
  • Innovation

We believe that we will only be successful when our client is successful. We believe in creating differentiation, having vast trading experience, wealth of knowledge, listening to customers' need and providing them solutions that is easy to understand, efficient, and above all, we understand the value of money. Our aim is to minimize project risks and provide innovative solutions to fulfill clients' goals rather than providing them just technical support.

We believe in delivering increased long-term profitability to clients' business for efficiency gains, based on the ethics of designs and implementation of software solutions to create higher productivity, optimized process efficiency and enhanced customer trust level, performance and satisfaction.

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